Tembo’s Organizational & Legal Structure

Board & Corporate Governance

We are 100% family-owned and governed by the board of directors and the supervisory board.

TemboGroup B.V. is the official name of the Tembo group of companies. Each of the companies in our group has its own legal entity, independently building relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers. Tembo gives support as an umbrella organization.

We are 100% owned by the Van der Sluis family, who are steering our company towards continuity, sustainability, and a positive long-term global impact.

Tembo Group is controlled by a board and a supervisory board. The daily business at all of our companies is governed by their own managing directors. Each company has its own general terms and conditions, based on the legal grounds of the country in which it is established.


Board Members & Supervisory Board Members:

Janine de Zeeuw, Chief Operating Officer
Leszek Sikora, Board member
Mark van Heek, Finance and IT Director
Arend van der Sluis, Chairman of the board
Hester van der Sluis, Board member
Michiel van der Sluis, Sales Director
Guus Overdijkink, Supervisory Board Chairman
Andrzej Stanikowski, Supervisory Board Member
Niels de Bruijn, Supervisory Board Member
Irma Bos, Assistant to the Board