A unique group of companies

Dutch Roots, Global Reach

We have been pushing boundaries for over 100 years. And we are just getting started: we are committed to take our expertise and experience into an era that needs attractive manufacturing solutions for sustainable alternatives.

As a family business we believe in our responsibility to our people, our planet, and the customers we serve. By helping our customers to produce better sustainable alternatives, we can enhance lives and leave ahead a better future. And this is more urgent than ever before. As the world changes fast, global brands in consumer markets need to adapt their product portfolio to meet consumer needs and new legislation on sustainability.

At Tembo, we are very familiar with pioneering and adapting to change: Since 1912, time has taught us many valuable lessons; lessons on winning, losing and anticipating. Over the years, our company has always been able to prepare for the rapid change ahead, managing the challenge of “the unknown”.

As innovation is in our DNA, we have developed our cross-over philosophy to develop next generation products. Besides that, our product and machine development go hand-in-hand. With this unique approach we deliver future-proof manufacturing technology, a deep understanding of products and materials and ownership of production output. This provides our customers a faster time to market and gain a competitive advantage.

Pioneering Manufacturing since 1912

Ahead of the curve

It all began with a small tobacco factory in Kampen, NL. Four generations and over 100 years later, Tembo has evolved into a specialist group of companies, bound by sustainable development, and built to meet the needs of an ever-changing global marketplace.

Proud of our roots, we remain a family company — although our family has grown in size. Around 1,200 employees work with passion and pride to build manufacturing solutions for better sustainable alternatives.

Where once we found smarter, more efficient ways to roll high quality cigars, today we apply that same ethos to designing high-end machine platforms. This has helped us to innovate on paper straw production, water-soluble foil application, biodegradable cigarette filters, and the micro-assembly of products with precision parts.

On a global scale, our companies provide services and technologies including high-end manufacturing solutions and maintenance to a growing range of markets.

Creating Strong, Long-Lasting Relationships

Building a Brighter Future, Together

Tembo is a dynamic group of companies building long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and other business partners.

In the field of technology, we invest in long-term partnerships with Innovation Hub Perron038, research institute Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) of the University of Twente. In the field of sustainability, we build alliances with organizations like 360FoodService, NB Eco and Soyez.

Although diverse in nature, and spread around the globe, our group is united in a common goal: to provide our customers the best manufacturing solutions & services.

Tembo is led by a board and a supervisory board. You can learn more about our governance & legal structure, responsibility, and career opportunities at the links below.