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Product and Machine Development

By building our solutions in a modular way, our machine technology can develop together with new product technologies. 

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We have developed our own design philosophy for creating next-generation solutions. We help our customers in the very first stage of innovation, by introducing our Solution Wizard - a database with proven, out-of-the-box solutions for your next product, based on Cross-Over Innovation.

This is the first step in the process: We separate your product by functionalities and collect new technologies for every single one of them.  Step two is choosing a new technology as your partial product solution. After you have chosen, we look for the right machine technology.  

If we complete the entire process together, we will have the machine solution for every part of your new product. Finally we match everything together to create your unique high-volume, high-accuracy and modular machine platform. Using this method, your time to market will be shorted up to 50% compared to traditional development projects.

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