Bring Ideas to Life with Cross-Over Innovation

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Together with leading brand owners we develop product ideas and Intellectual Properties into successful market ready products, based on the principles of Cross-Over Innovation.

About Cross-Over Innovation

Cross-Over Innovation is a method based upon sourcing knowledge, materials, and technologies from one sector and integrating this into a product for a different sector. This approach results in out-of-the-box innovations bordered by feasibility. Our innovation team is active in a broad range of markets and we proactively source and research for new technologies, materials and methods to inspire our clients and break their tunnel-vision.

How we work

We work with multidisciplinary teams and combine knowledge areas like radar technology, batteries, integrated sensors, bionics, photonics, AR/VR, vision, biobased materials, 3d printing and Artificial Intelligence.

For brands in FMCG we have a track record in the development of successful sustainable alternatives. One of the latest breakthroughs has been primary packaging based on biodegradable water soluble PVOH detergents mono doses and biobased and home compostable disposables.

Looking into the future

We are always driven and inspired by future legislation, changing consumer needs and disruptive business models. Supporting our clients to become compliant to circular guidelines, integrate digitalization into FMCG and create data driven consumer products.

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