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Our Markets

Fast moving consumer markets are more dynamic than ever before. Brand owners and independent manufacturers are under constant pressure to innovate on their product portfolio.

At Tembo, we live and breathe innovation because it is in our DNA. With our innovative spirit, we help customers to be the first to market, meet consumer demand, comply with legislation and regulations, and maintain high standards across the entire production cycle.

Whether you are an independent manufacturer in FMCG, a renowned global brand, or somewhere in-between, Tembo can help you become more agile and eco-efficient.

Below you will learn more about the markets we serve: Home care, Tobacco and Packed Drinks
Brand owners and manufacturers need to adapt their product portfolio to meet market dynamics.

Home Care

At Tembo, we are committed to help our customers to produce innovative products that are child-proof, eco-friendly and easy-to-use. As we combine product and machine development, we provide customers the opportunity to differentiate and be the first to launch new products.

A good example is our development of multi-compartment pouches, packed in water soluble foil based on PVOH. While there is an increasing demand, the production of these complex products is challenging because of the risk of leaking capsules. Without a deep understanding of materials and technology, this can easily lead to lower output which affects the launch of new products.  

As a trustworthy innovation partner to our customers, we use our experience and capabilities to optimize, monitor and control high-volume production. This leads to a consistent output with OEE performance that beats all common benchmarks.

We are very proud to make this happen, but we do not stop here. We also look at major trends to collaborate with our customers and adapt to new changes in the entire Supply Chain for Detergents.

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A transformation towards risk reduced and more sustainable products: Brands need better alternatives to existing products and meet new legislation.


At Tembo we have a long history in the tobacco industry. Since 1912, we have expanded our business activities from local cigar production towards a global presence in product development, high-end machine manufacturing, service, and support for major tobacco companies.

Throughout the years, our ITM brand has developed into the leading innovator for the tobacco industry. These days we are well-known for our creativity, speed, flexibility, collaboration and break-through innovations.

As the tobacco industry needs to change, we continue to partner with customers to innovate on next generation products like tobacco heating, e-vaping products, and even sustainable components of the products.

At ITM, product development goes hand-in-hand with machine development: we collaborate on product innovations and create customized machine platforms to produce new products in high volumes, in the quality and with maximum flexibility.

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Helping customers in their journey towards better sustainable alternatives for single used plastics.

Packed Drinks

The days of single used plastics are numbered. At Tembo Paper, we help brand owners and manufacturers in their transition from plastic straws to a high-quality, environmentally-friendly paper alternative – without skipping a beat.

We produce biodegradable paper straws and the machinery that makes them. Our unique paper straw technology enables the delivery of high-volume paper straw production – to meet any client demands. By working only with the best suppliers and materials, and by minimizing waste, we ensure optimal quality while keeping our environmental footprint low.

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