We combine product and process development to

produce a range of best-in-class, sustainable paper straws

Tembo Paper straws last longer and perform better than any other paper straw on the market. That’s a fact. We supply high-quality paper straws and the machines to make them. For the first time, business can manufacture their own sustainable paper straws, at high volume, and with 50% faster time to market compared to traditional development projects.


Future proof solutions  
Flexibility throughout the whole production process.

50% faster time to market
Quality and consistency in materials and processes.

High-volume output
World-class machinery and specialist support to scale up.

Paper straws technology and 
high-speed accurate machinery,
in one place.

Your flexible modular production line will give you high-volume production,
fast time-to-market, and a future-proof solution that you can scale.
You’ll be reducing your production costs, limiting your footprint,
and building a better planet. And we’ll support you the whole way.


With our machines, 
you can produce a range of paper straws

Innovative manufacturing solutions

Safely and sustainably manufactured

Providing solutions for better sustainable alternatives in the FMCG market

We are member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), and The Charter of Trust 360 Food Service.
The SPC is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. It’s a trademark project of GreenBlue, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society.
While the Charter of Trust is a commitment to meeting all relevant legal food-safety requirements, thereby ensuring that consumers can enjoy their drinks safely.
In line with these initiatives, we follow strict food safety standards and our paper and glue are BPO and GMO free.

Some of our partners and customers:

Why should you

work with Tembo Paper?

We specialize in helping brands in the USA be the first to launch new product innovations, by combining product and machine development in our own unique way. This means we work hand-in-hand with your business, offering continuous improvement at the product and manufacturing level. We’ll help you launch and run an efficient high-volume production line, keeping your costs low and your output high.