Tembo, because we are like elephants

In the Swahili language, Tembo means elephants. By choosing this name, we do justice to the history of our group of companies. The roots of Tembo lie in a small cigar factory in Kampen. Since its foundation in 1912, the company has grown, changed and matured to become a group of companies. 

This group of companies is now focusing more and more on developing and improving machines and products. At the same time, small-scale cigar factory ‘De Olifant’ remained a Tembo company.

But why is Tembo like an elephant?

Did you know that elephants have a strong family connection? They learn from each other and take care of each other. But elephants are not only protective towards their family members, they want to support and protect all those in need. At the same time, they are playful and excellent problem solvers. They are energetic, powerful and persistent. But what really makes elephants stand out is the fact that despite their size, they can easily adjust to a changing environment.

Tembo, a family company

As a fourth-generation family company, we can relate to the characteristics of the elephant. We value our employees, suppliers and customers like family. Even though we have grown to 1100 employees and we are expanding our activities all around the world, in essence we are still this group of family members with family values. We want to have fun together and be proud of the solutions we create.

One Tembo family

Since the founding of our group in 1912, our Tembo family has expanded immensely. On a daily basis, our companies perform a range of activities and find pleasure in their own expertise. Together, as Tembo, we can build great solutions, enabling our customers to adapt in a dynamic world.

For a positive impact
Together to become better
Investing in educating