The Inside Track

Company Profile

From the values that guide us to the history that grounds us, here is everything you need to know about Tembo.

Mission, Vision and Strategy

At Tembo, it's our mission to contribute to a better world by creating manufacturing solutions for better sustainable alternatives. Why? Simply because we believe it's our responsibility towards future generations.

In our vision, we see the global business landscape changing fundamentally, driven by demand uncertainty, disruptions in manufacturing, logistic challenges, global concern for environmental impact and digitization. 

We also see that the world has reached it's ecological boundaries: We fight against plastic soup, pollution and climate change. In addition, economic models will become more circular, regenerative and distributive for all stakeholders. 

To meet these challenges, we want to be a trustworthy innovation partner. A partner that is ahead in technology, has a deep understanding of customers needs, knows their products and materials, providing an effective global presence and has a clear focus on sustainability. These are the key building blocks of our strategy.

Guiding principles and fundamental beliefs

We Value Our Values

Helping us to work as a team towards common goals, supporting our vision and shaping our culture. 

Joy and pride

We are passionate about our mission, technology and our customers. We are curious, seek cooperation and work together with joy and pride.


We have an open mind, embrace innovation, dare to think different and value our flexibility.


We take our responsibility for next generations, have a long term focus, are adaptable to change, cherish our legacy, and build on trust & integrity.


As a family-business, we dare to be different. Our actions are congruent with our beliefs and sustainable aspirations.


We use all our knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and services. We have a strong drive to master new technologies.

Once upon a time, in The Netherlands

We are Proud of Our History

Our story began in 1912 when the family of Hendrikus van der Sluis sold their farms to support his tobacco venture. Early success gave way to challenging times, but by the 1960s, this enterprising family was successfully renovating equipment and trading in tobacco-making machinery. By the 1970s, the family’s other companies, ITM and SCM, were developing innovative machine technology from scratch.

The 90s saw the family explore new markets, modifying machinery to serve a diverse range of industries. Group expansion followed over the next two decades, with more companies brought into the fold. And in 2018, we adopted a new name to better reflect our identity: Tembo.