Innovation towards more sustainable alternatives for

water soluble pods filled with liquid, powder and/or gel

PVOH pouches and pods offer creative and sustainable solutions for a range of industries, from detergents and cleaning chemicals to fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. With our machine technology, you can reliably produce pouches at high speeds with outstanding seal strength and little waste.

From product to process development

Serving high-volume markets on a global scale

We help you comply with new rules and meet expectations with speed and flexibility.


Together with Tembo-member Tricas, we step in as early as possible to support you with product innovation and development. By the joined expertise of Tembo Group, we combine this product development with the machine process development. This way, we ensure a best possible product design for the manufacturing process, increasing the performance in the production facility.

Crossover Innovation
For this product innovation and development, we use technologies, materials, and ideas from other indus­tries and apply them to yours, finding viable product & packaging solutions to complex problems. The same we do for our modular machine technology.

Manufacturing solutions

The right balance between

technical quality, performance, and price

We continuously work on solutions that deliver a fast ROI. And it motivates us to build fit-to-purpose solutions, customised to your unique product specifications and conditions.

The result is world-class machine technology. Our platforms, Salome, Compact-M, and Pulliq-M, produce water-soluble pouches in a variety of shapes and combinations, all with exceptional seal strength. Each high-speed machine has its own outstanding qualities, but they’re united by their safety, ease of use, fast changeovers, reliability, and modular, compact footprint.

And when combined with the innovation power, packing platforms and rod handling systems of our partner companies across Tembo Group, you’re guaranteed a turnkey solution to handle every aspect of production — from the initial product creation to end-of-line packaging.

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