Discover your career opportunities in the world of engineering

September 27, 2022
Discover your career opportunities in the world of engineering

Working at Tembo means working in a family business with a sharp eye on the future. Tembo is internationally active and is keenly involved in sustainability, innovation, and technology. We are a unique company in the Zwolle region and always looking for new talent! Curious about your career opportunities? Then come to Let's Connect Day on Friday, October 7 from 15.00 to 18.00 o’clock and get to know Tembo. Sign up now because FULL = FULL.* 

What does this day offer? 

Factory Tour 

During this afternoon, you will get a tour of our factory halls and discover how we build the machines that produce products such as paper straws, dishwasher tablets, and laundry pods, among other things. Have questions? We’ll be glad to answer them during the tour. 

Discuss your career opportunities 

Meet the professionals and students at Tembo who work in your field or in the field you are interested in, in an informal setting. Are you curious to know what it's like to work for a company like Tembo? Interested in one of our job vacancies or do you have other questions? Come take a look behind the scenes and discover what challenges and career opportunities we have to offer you. 

Networking in miniature 

Meet other professionals and students from various technical fields in a creative and entrepreneurial setting. Exchange ideas and knowledge during a networking session. Expand your network and build meaningful connections for your career together. 

Meet & Greet SPOT 

SPOT the robot dog detects, inspects, collects data, and explores without limits. With SPOT, we show you the opportunities this presents for professionals and students in the workplace. The result? Safe and efficient task performance in an industrial environment. 

Looking for a job or internship? 

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