Our Companies

Together, we form a strong team, benefiting from each other’s authentic expertise to make a difference to major brands worldwide.

As an international group of companies, we proudly support a range of markets with distinctive solutions and technologies to provide our customers with the best manufacturing solutions and services.

Creating next generation products
Kampen, The Netherlands

When the world is changing, industries need to change too. Next generation products, like tobacco heating and e-vapor products, offer better alternatives. 

ITM’s focus is on the development of high volume, high precision and high flexibility platforms. To enable customers to produce better, new and alternative products. ITM is specialized in heat-not-burn, filter, rod handling, packing and reclaiming technology.

The headquarters of ITM is sharing its building in Kampen with ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) and the Tembo headquarters.  

Imatec's machines convert paper in products
Diekirch, Luxembourg

Imatec knows paper products and builds the machines to produce these products.

As detailed paper products can be designed, the machine platforms of Imatec can produce them in high speed. This is proven in all kinds of variation of booklets and tubes, but can also be put in use for other paper and cardboard products.

Innovative pouch-making technology
Zaandam, The Netherlands

The pvoh-machines of EME Engel are the most flexible way to make pods or pouches from water soluble foil. 

Flexibility and modularity are key features of the EME Engel’s machines, making it the ideal production platforms for single or multiple cavity products, filled with any material.

Glue and fluid application becomes easy with SPI Developments
Rotherham, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

SPI specializes in providing innovative adhesive, flavor and liquid application systems. Their technology is designed to accurately control, apply, measure and record the flow of liquids.

As innovators, all products are designed, developed and manufactured by the own team.

Biodegradable paper alternatives for plastic straws
Kampen, The Netherlands

With the technology developed by Tembo Paper, you can produce all sizes of biodegradable paper straws, to replace plastic straws, used in and by your company. Additionally, order your white label paper straws directly at Tembo Paper

At Tembo Paper you can order your own white label paper straws or start your own paper straw production line. The paper spiralling technology enables high-volume and high-quality production of paper straws with diameter ranging from 3 mm to 11 mm (0.11-0.43 inch). 

TDC’s high volume assembling and filling platforms
Kampen, The Netherlands

TDC is specialized in the development and engineering of modular, high tech platforms for global brands. Our goal is to enable our customers to create new products and packages.

Combining multiple activities on one TDC-platform will limit the human interactions needed and will give the highest output per square meter. TDC's platforms offer flexible packing solutions and cartridge assembling and filling options. 

GTS/SCM for servicing the cigar industry
Santiago, Dominican Republic

GTS/SCM supplies machinery and spare parts to the cigar industry in the Caribbean and Latin America.

It is established in Santiago, Dominican Republic, the heart of the cigar industry. It provides maintenance and services to the industry with an experienced team of technicians.

TAM is an experienced leader in automation and integration
Woodlawn, United States

TAM provides software and technical solutions to customers in the USA and around the world. 

While primarily focusing on innovative high-energy laser solutions, TAM also offers custom electrical and mechanical design and builds onsite technical services and precision machine shop services.

Gemba Solutions increases production efficiency
Atherstone, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Gemba Solutions offers a proven path to sustained continuous improvement, backed with the latest data technologies and best practice behavioral change tools used throughout manufacturing industries.

Gemba has implemented hundreds of systems and delivered hundreds of hours of training to organizations across the world.

Tricas: industrial design and engineering
Zwolle, the Netherlands

Tricas specializes in product development. Together with and for its clients, Tricas develops innovative, attractive and feasible products, so called next generation products.

Its proven and essential development strategy is crossover innovation. This approach results in out-of-the-box innovations bordered by feasibility.

PMP Poland: contract manufacturing
Radom, Poland

PMP Poland is producing and assembling high advance customized industrial solutions including single machines and process lines.

Offer provides flexible supply chain including in house modern manufacturing technology for most precise machined and sheet metal components. PMP Poland is working for machine manufacturers from food, packaging, machine tool and automotive industries.

PMP Dominicana: high precision in manufacturing machine parts
Santiago, Dominican Republic

PMP Dominicana manufactures precision machine parts. This tooling division supplies high quality machine parts to existing customers of ITM and to other companies in Latin America.

PMP Dominicana offers its customers 100 percent European materials and machines, made in the country and built by local labor.

Savoring products at De Eenhoorn
Kampen, The Netherlands

De Eenhoorn is offering top quality products, like coffee, tea and other savoring goods.

All products can be bought at the authentic store in the medieval city of Kampen and online in the webshop.

Traditional cigar making at De Olifant
Kampen, The Netherlands

De Olifant is the only cigar brand which is still produced in the factory in Kampen.

For years now, the foundation of the Olifant's success has come from its use of pure natural raw materials of the very finest quality.

High-volume production of biodegradable paper straws
Kampen, The Netherlands

Tembo Paper Straws produces biodegradable paper straws – helping businesses transition from plastic straws to a high-quality, eco-friendly paper alternative.

Their unique production lines produce high quality, biodegradable paper straws – to meet any client demands. By working only with the best suppliers and materials, they can ensure optimal quality while keeping environmental footprints low. Based in Kampen, NL, Tembo Paper Straws shares headquarters with the wider Tembo Group.

Service Centre Southern Europe for nearby service and support

Service Centre Southern Europe

Service Centre Spain is our newest Tembo Service Global Service to support our customers in Southern Europe.

The high qualified software and mechanical engineers working form our service centre in Spain are trained in all Tembo platforms, bringing the highest level of service, maintenance and after sales support to the region.

By opening a service centre in Spain, Tembo offers its customers the opportunity for nearby support in the Spanish language. During working hours customers can contact our service centre to request troubleshooting, training, maintenance, or spare parts.

Service and support in Spain

In short, our service centre in Spain offers the following services to Tembo equipment in the region:
• After sales support (commissioning, installation)
• Maintenance (planned maintenance, troubleshooting, repair)
• Ordering spares
• Engineering services (consulting, local project management, upgrading, enhancements)
• Training services onsite