Investments in education and development

At Tembo we believe in life-long learning and continuous development. That is why we invest in the education of our employees and interns. Additionally, we support a variety of educational initiatives.


In collaboration with Dutch educational institutes, the Dutch Tembo companies started a part-time course in Mechatronics for several employees, during working hours. The course is called Mechatronica038 . Because mechatronics is of growing importance, Tembo strives to enroll a group of employees for this course every year.

Practical experience

To bridge the gap between education and work, PMP Poland has adopted an old practice of educating pupils from secondary schools in the workplace. By providing students with practical experience, they will learn the skills and knowledge needed in today’s factory environment.

Smart minor

TDC offers SMART minors that challenge student engineers to work on an assignment and to become familiar with the industry. For several weeks they work with professionals, using the latest techniques within machine technology. Examples of subjects within the projects are maneuvering, dosing and using robots to transport semi-finished products. Students who attended the minor say that they appreciated their time at TDC and Tembo due to the freedom and fine tutoring they received. 

Interns at Tembo

At Tembo we value the input of interns and graduate students. Twice a year we welcome a large group of students at our head office. Additionally, at all of our sites are many opportunities for students on all levels of education. Most of the students are technical oriented. Especially at our head office, we usually have also interns at finance, marketing and other staff departments.

Innovation hub Perron038

Tembo is one of the founding fathers of regional innovation hub Perron038. Perron038 will be a smart space, where innovative companies can settle and a diversity of parties can meet and inspire each other in the vibrant centre of the hub. Additionally, there will be many opportunities for interns and graduates on all educational levels and training courses will be developed to update the skills of employees.

Open Mind project

In 2019, Dutch technical Tembo companies will work for 9 months on AI technology projects. It allows them to form teams and learn to think in a creative way in order to improve their problem solving skills. The project involves participating lectures, seminars and company visits. In this way, the company hopes to provide grounds for innovative ideas to turn into reality. At the end, the sessions will have a more practical character.