Reducing our carbon footprint

As a worldwide operating group of companies, we are conscious of our carbon footprint. In order to compensate for this and to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, we invest in sustainable alternatives.

Paper straw production

To make single-use plastic straws redundant, Tembo is investing in the production of biodegradable paper straws. Using the spiralling platform designed by Imatec, in 2019 first production facilities of Tembo Paper will open its doors. The platform is available for partnering companies as well, to enlarge the total production volume of paper straws as soon as possible.

Zero carbon footprint at the head office

As of 2013, Tembo initiated investment designed to transform the head office into an energy-neutral building. Since then, 1700 solar panels have been installed. Additional energy that is needed is supplied by a green energy supplier. On top of that, Tembo has taken several steps to lower the use of energy in the building. For example, all lights have been replaced with LED lighting and insulation material has been fitted in all halls.

Reforesting the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, employees of our companies RNT Machinery and GTS/SCM voluntarily work on a reforestation plan, promoted by the Free Zone Corporation. This means that Tembo is helping to realise positive change by reforesting areas near cities.

Storing electricity generated by solar panels

At Tembo's headquarters in Kampen, we are exploring a new way of storing electricity. Through the use of innovative HBr electricity storage, developed by Dutch company Elestor, we are able to store the electricity the 1700 solar panels on the roof are generating, every day. The battery was installed in spring 2018. Our aim is to prove that the technique works and is profitable at a large-scale production facility.

Solar panels at home

Employees at ITM Eindhoven and ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) were offered a group discount on solar panels in their homes. Investing in solar panels is a sustainable solution for the environment, reduces electricity bills and offers more comfort in the home.

Cycle to work

Take the bike, save a lot of money and prevent environmental pollution. That is what the campaign ‘Just bike!’ is all about.  In 2018, a Green Products colleague cycled over 5000 kilometres. A colleague from TDC cycled to the office 210 times. To support cycling, Tembo has several (speed) e-bikes available.

Re-usable bottles for employees

To eliminate plastic throwaway bottles, all employees at the Tembo head-office in Kampen and at EME Engel in Zaandam (The Netherlands) received a re-usable bottle. By this free distribution, Tembo wants to promote tap water to its employees. The bottles that are given to employees are made by the Dutch company Dopper, that aims to actively reduce single-use plastic waste.

Alternative for traveling

Tembo companies use a video conferencing system called Starleaf. It started in 2015 in Malaysia and nowadays there are 145 active users. The system is accessible to all employees who work at one of our Tembo companies. Video conferencing allows us to hold meetings with people who are located in different places without them needing to travel in planes or cars. In this way, Tembo can reduce its carbon footprint.