We value our values

Tembo is a family company. We hope you feel this every time you visit us or have contact with one of us. Being a family company, we have our core values to motivate us and guide us in how we operate.

The 7 core values we operate by

1. Long-term goals outweigh short-term interests

As a fourth-generation company, we hope our children’s grandchildren will be shareholders in the future. More importantly, we want to create and maintain a company that is profitable, robust and sustainable for all generations to come. To reach this goal, we are seizing and creating business opportunities.

2. Employees are the main capital of our companies

We develop high-end machinery and products. We implement the newest techniques and adjust them to the needs of our customers. We, in this case, are our employees. Their knowledge, creativity, skills and performance enable our company to help our customers to be and become leading innovators in their market. That’s why we want our employees to reach their full potential, by sharing responsibilities, and investing in education.

3. We take care of each other

Every project we are initiating or participating in will be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. We want to create fair deals for our own company and own employees, but also for our suppliers and customers. In this way, we take care of each other and know we can rely on one another in future co-creations.

4. We keep evolving and adapt to change

The key strength of our company is our ability to adapt to changes. We adjust to stay ahead of the pack. Our founding father started out as a cigar manufacturer and we flourished as a machine developer in the tobacco industry. Today, we have broadened our capabilities, with product engineering and performance improvement. And today, with our different companies, we make a wide range of high-end niche machinery.

5. Everything we do, we do with joy and pride

Working with Tembo means working with people who are proud of what they are achieving and who enjoy what they do. We enable our employees to operate in the areas they are passionate about, so they can excel in their job. Our passion will propel us to new and better solutions. And as a result, we are able to build solutions together that we are proud to deliver. 

6. The best is yet to come and to be developed

One of the reasons for our success is that we continue to improve our solutions. We use the latest techniques available on the market. When better options arise, we research how these developments can improve our machine platforms and the products of our customers. This is a never-ending cycle, so you can be sure: the best is yet to come.

7. We want to make the world a better place

With our history in the tobacco industry, we are well aware that not all our machines have helped to improve the lives of humans. In recent decades, we have done our best to find a better balance. Next to developing solutions for the production of less harmful tobacco products, we are investing in clean energy and other green initiatives. In addition, we stimulate and support all our companies to invest in local initiatives to make the world in and around their sites a better place.