Our Responsibility

For a Better World

At Tembo, we are committed to driving change and promoting sustainability at every turn. Here is how we reduce our environmental footprint.

We Created an Energy-Neutral HQ

With 1,700 solar panels and extra energy supplied by a green supplier, Tembo has invested heavily to turn our headquarters into an energy-neutral building. Additionally, all lights have been replaced with LED lighting, insulation material has been fitted in all halls, and we are exploring a new way of storing electricity.

We Introduced Remote Working

Long before the COVID pandemic changed how we work, we introduced remote working, allowing staff to connect via video conferencing software. This dramatically reduced the need to travel for in-person meetings, cutting carbon emissions in the process.

We are Reforesting the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, employees of our companies RNT Machinery and GTS/SCM enthusiastically joined forces to work on a reforestation plan. Together with the non-profit Free Zone Corporation, employees have planted more than 1,960 trees in the San Jose De Las Matas region, one of the most important forests on the Island.

We Re-Use & Recycle Clothing

To minimize the impact of disposable face masks, we re-used old clothing to create reusable COVID masks for over 300 employees at our HQ in Kampen. We also donate old clothing to support a social project in Malawi, Africa.

How we are giving back

Supporting Local Communities

At Tembo, we are committed to driving change at local communities. Here is how we are giving back. 

We are Teaching Key Skills

Working closely with the social employment company Impact near our HQ in Kampen, we have been teaching individuals with disabilities key engineering skills. We have also developed a user-friendly semi-automatic jar-closing machine, allowing Impact’s employees to take pride in their work.

We are Inspiring Innovation

Tembo is one of the founders of the regional innovation hubs, Perron038 and ITM Lab. At Perron038, we provide a space for creative companies to work together on game-changing ideas. Also, with support from educational institutions and the local government, Perron038 will train potential employees for the high-tech manufacturing industry.

We are Making a Difference

In the Dominican Republic, our company RNT Machinery has been supporting the Ángeles de Conani home for disabled children since 2017. The employees at RNT regularly organize parties at the home to entertain the children, many of whom were abandoned due to HIV, learning difficulties, or physical disabilities.