Tembo: stay ahead in a dynamic world

In a changing world, the need for creative people with innovative ideas is high. At Tembo, these people come together.

Our group of companies embraces a range of technical expertise.

Adapt and seize opportunities

The dynamics of today’s world are increasing constantly. To be successful, as individuals and as companies, adapting to shifting needs is a necessity. At Tembo, we help our customers to seize the opportunities that come with change. We want our customers, and ourselves, to stay ahead in this dynamic world.

Providing technologies for a better world

At Tembo, our shared goal is to contribute to a better world, by providing the technologies to produce better and alternative products. Our focus is on designing high-end automation platforms, for example for producing paper straws, applying water-soluble foils and for micro-assembling products.

Grasping the chances we see

We do what it takes to reach our shared goal and grasp the chances we see. In addition to designing machines, our expert companies provide services like product engineering, efficiency software and the manufacturing of precision parts. We are passionate about bringing better products to the market ourselves.

Family-owned and financially healthy

Tembo is a family-owned and financially healthy group of companies. We invest in sustainability and we value long-term relationships and goals. We take pride in our family values. And this is reflected in our name: Tembo.

Healthy food, healthy minds
Joy and pride
Continuous improvement