Perron038: the innovation hub for manufacturing companies

Perron038: the innovation hub for manufacturing companies

Close to the railway station in the regional capital of Zwolle, the innovation hub Perron038 will open its doors in 2019. This is where several manufacturing companies will work together to boost innovations.

Tembo, AWL and Wadinko are the founding fathers of this regional hub. They will create a smart space where innovative companies can settle and a range of parties can meet and inspire each other in the vibrant centre of the hub.

Continuous learning and developing

Marius Woldberg has been appointed to make the hub successful. He is enthusiastic about the opportunities. “In this hub, all parties that can contribute to innovation come together. In addition to the founding parties, research and educational organisations have committed themselves to this initiative. For instance, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will be one of the technology partners and will share knowledge on high-tech manufacturing technologies. This will make Perron038 a place for continuous learning and developments. The commitment of the manufacturing companies will guarantee that everything that is researched at Perron038 will have a symbiotic relation to daily applications.”

Developing new applications

Perron038 enables companies, research and educational institutes to make innovative developments visible. The focus will be on high-tech innovations, like developing new applications with collaborative robots, augmented and virtual reality, and improvements in micro assembling.

Facilitating joint innovation projects

Woldberg: “Developments in technologies are taking place at an increasing pace. For individual manufacturing companies, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up and to develop the applications to meet their customers’ changing specifications. The required flexibility and adaptive capabilities will be achieved more easily when companies work together.” Contributors to Perron038 will work on their own innovation projects and on joint projects. Perron038 acts as facilitator to make these collaborations creative, effective and efficient.

Promoting high-tech careers

With support from the educational institutes and local government, Perron038 will also invest in training employees and future employees for the high-tech manufacturing industry. Woldberg: “It’s important to interest youngsters in technology at an early age. That’s why Perron038 will offer lots of opportunities for guided tours and educational programmes for all ages. Together with the educational and research institutes, we will create research assignments and internships, on all educational levels. Last but not least, we’re developing training opportunities for employees, to prepare them for the changing demands in high-end industries. All this should be a huge contribution to meet the demand for well-qualified people, for today and the future.”

Contribution from Tembo companies

In addition to the investment of Tembo in Perron038, two Tembo companies will actively join Perron038 from the start. Tricas will relocate its entire company to Perron038 and partly make their equipment, like 3D printers, available for other partners. TDC will relocate some of its research and design allocations to Perron038, especially related to micro assembling technology, and further develop the use of virtual reality in service and maintenance.

Date: January 7, 2019
Company: Tembo, ITM Kampen
Subject: Perron038 enables companies, research and educational institutes to make innovative developments visible. The focus will be on high-tech innovations.