Tembo: a new name for an existing group of companies

Tembo: a new name for an existing group of companies

With the creation of Tembo, a new name has been set on the horizon. From now on, fourteen different companies will be proud to claim they are a Tembo company. But Tembo is more than just a new name.

A total of eleven hundred employees are currently working for a Tembo company. They work at one of our companies in the Netherlands: in Kampen, Zwolle, Zaandam or Eindhoven. They work in Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Russia or Poland. Or at one of our companies outside of Europe, in the Dominican Republic, the USA, Malaysia or South Africa.

A wide range of capabilities

At these companies, we do different things, based on our outstanding expertise and capabilities. Some of us design machines, others design products. We are specialists in paper products or in glue, or experts in producing precise machine parts. And we work for customers in different industries.

Thanks to the people who work at our companies

Despite all these differences, all of our companies have some things in common. For example, we want to be the best in what we do and we know we can only do that thanks to the people who work in these companies. The eleven hundred people working for our companies combine to make one big family. That’s the main reason we have now given our group of companies the name of Tembo.

A long history with strong family connections

Tembo means elephant in the Swahili language. This name refers to the founding company of our group of companies: a cigar-making factory in Kampen in the early 20th century. But more importantly, it specifies what we stand for. Elephants are known for their strong family connections. They learn from each other, protect each other, and take care of each other. At the same time, they have an innovative mind, are playful, and they are excellent problem solvers. Elephants are energetic, powerful and persistent.

Invest in a sustainable future

Tembo is a group of family-owned companies. As a fourth-generation company, we are looking forward to handing over this group of companies to following generations. That’s why we, as Tembo, want to invest in our people and the planet. By investing in the world around us – in education, culture and sustainability.

Changing the name of our group, therefore, is just the beginning. In collaboration with our partners, we hope that Tembo will make a difference.

Following companies are Tembo companies: ITM, SCM/TDC, GTS/SCM (including PMP Dominicana), Tembo Paper, PMP Poland, Imatec, SPI Developments, TAM, Gemba Solutions, Tricas, EME Engel, RNT Machinery, GreenProducts, De Olifant and De Eenhoorn.

Date: February 28, 2019
Company: Tembo
Subject: Tembo is the new name for an existing international group of companies.