A new culture of innovation and collaboration in Project Management

January 18, 2024
A new culture of innovation and collaboration in Project Management

A Passion for Engineering Fuelling Innovation

Alan's career began with a mechanical engineering apprenticeship in England, laying a strong foundation for his transition into the world of project management. His experience has spanned across diverse industries, from mechanic and field service engineer to project coordinator and project manager, allowing him to refine his expertise and gain valuable insights into the complexities of project execution.

Embracing New Challenges

Joining Tembo seven years ago as a Senior Project Manager, Alan quickly found himself immersed in the company's dynamic culture and the opportunity to lead multiple projects while collaborating with stakeholders from various levels. When the opportunity to step into the role of Program Manager arose, it presented Alan with an exciting challenge that aligned perfectly with his aspirations for professional growth.

Effective Project Management Strategies

Throughout his career, Alan has embraced a broad range of project management methodologies and frameworks, including Leadership, Prince 2, PMP, Agile, and the IPMA – C certification. This wide knowledge base allows him to tailor his approach to suit the specific requirements of each project, ensuring a holistic and effective management strategy.

Key Elements of Successful Project Implementation

Alan emphasizes effective communication as a cornerstone of project success. By fostering a collaborative environment and keeping stakeholders informed, he ensures everyone is aligned on objectives, milestones, and potential challenges. This open dialogue allows for proactive adjustments and course corrections as needed, keeping projects on track, and achieving desired outcomes.

Program Manager’s Approach to Drive Innovation

Acknowledging Tembo's strengths in innovation, entrepreneurship, and strong R&D engineering capabilities, Alan envisions a project management approach that empowers the organization to:

  • Balancing Innovation with Commercialization: Alan recognizes that innovation must not only drive technological advancements but also align with market demands and sales objectives. Striking a seamless integration between these aspects is crucial for sustained success.
  • Aligning Projects with Program Objectives: Ensuring each project contributes directly to the overall program objectives is essential for maximizing its impact. Clearly communicating this alignment to the project team and stakeholders fosters a sense of purpose and shared responsibility.

Tembo Next Initiative: Exploring New Domains and Unleashing Growth Potential

As an active member of the Tembo Next initiative, Alan is directly involved in exploring new market opportunities. The team's mission is to identify, pre-validate, and outline new businesses that align with Tembo's core technology domain. Currently, their exploration focuses on beauty care, home care, detergents, battery cells, energy cells, and high voltage cables. These early-stage ventures hold immense potential for future business growth and diversification.

With his strong passion for engineering, strategic project management skills, and continuous commitment to innovation, our colleague Alan Gregory is undoubtedly contributing to Tembo's growth and success. His expertise, combined with his ability to build cohesive teams and effectively manage challenging projects, supports Tembo’s goals for establishing the company as a frontrunner in the manufacturing sector.