Drinkable Rivers

August 21, 2023
Drinkable Rivers

We are excited to share our active involvement in initiatives that benefit the environment, driven by our motivation to address the current situation and climate change. One such initiative we proudly support is the Drinkable Rivers project. This project brings together Tembo employees, dedicated to monitoring the well-being of river basins and nearby rivers, which are located close to our workplaces.

When Hester Kuypers-van der Sluis and Michiel van der Sluis extended an invitation to join this project, 20 enthusiastic Tembo employees from various countries eagerly responded. These dedicated volunteers underwent training and began measuring the health of rivers in Malaysia, Luxembourg, Poland, Germany, Romania, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain.

By contributing financially and with the help of our dedicated volunteers, we actively measure and monitor the well-being of approximately 14 rivers worldwide on a regular basis. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the water quality of these rivers and work towards a future where we can confidently drink from them without any concerns.

The Drinkable Rivers Initiative is an essential endeavour that aims to raise awareness about the significance of clean and safe water, emphasizing the need to protect our rivers from pollution and degradation. By actively participating in this initiative, we aspire to make a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of our rivers and the environment.

To learn more about why Hester Kuypers-van der Sluis and Michiel van der Sluis support this initiative, please watch the video below.