Put your talents and knowledge to work at a high-tech, family-owned company

March 28, 2023
Put your talents and knowledge to work at a high-tech,  family-owned company

The EngD Tembo Master Program


A unique educational program for Engineering Doctorate students

The Tembo company in Kampen is offering a challenging position to EngD trainees as part of a two-year post-master's design program. Tembo is a high-tech, family owned company with 1,200 employees across the globe. We work closely with businesses, universities, and research centres around the world to combine the best knowledge, ideas and high-tech applications to our product and machine development. With our deep understanding of products and materials, we provide our customers with future-proof manufacturing technology, allowing them to achieve a faster time to market and a competitive advantage in fast-changing global markets.

The EngD Tembo Master Program is a unique educational program geared towards professionals focused on a career in technology and innovation. Are you keen to broaden your understanding of the newest technologies while also developing your teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities in a professional setting? Then this program may be just what you’re looking for!

Hands-on experience in technological design

As an EngD researcher at Tembo, your goal will be to design a decision-making support system for machine operators, in order to support timely actions that result in improved equipment efficiency. Your tasks will include the development of a support system prototype, as well as the design of necessary add-ons to the system that are needed for monitoring the process and acquiring valuable decision-making data.

This 2-year post-MSc technological program offers a unique opportunity to specialize in technological design, with a strong emphasis on gaining hands-on experience. Combining an education at the highly regarded University of Twente with a practical design project at Tembo, the EngD program is part of a European Union Regional Development-funded project. This means that you will not only receive top-notch education and training, but also contribute to the advancement of innovation and sustainable development in Europe.

 Join the leaders in innovation

The Tembo Master Program offers a challenging position and competitive salary in an inspiring multidisciplinary environment. On successfully completing the EngD program, you will receive a certified and recognized degree. You will also be entitled to use the academic degree EngD (Doctor of Engineering) and will be registered as a Technological Designer in the Dutch register held by the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI).

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to join the leaders in innovation. Apply now via this link and take your first step towards a fulfilling career!