Driving Innovation and Growth: Insights from Richard van der Linde

November 8, 2023
Driving Innovation and Growth: Insights from Richard van der Linde

In the ever-evolving landscape of global technology, Tembo Group stands out as a leader that is driving innovation and growth. Under the guidance of a fresh leadership team, the company is well-positioned to conquer new markets and leverage the potential of emerging technologies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Richard van der Linde, Technology Director within the Management Team at Tembo Group, and to gain insights into the strategic vision, goals, and initiatives that the company is taking. In this article, we explore the key aspects that contribute to Tembo Group's success and its commitment to technological advancement. 

Maturing New Markets: Paper, Detergents, and Beyond 

During the interview, Richard van der Linde highlighted the challenge of establishing and consolidating Tembo Group's position in the markets of paper and detergents. “While significant progress has been made,” he explained, “the company’s aim is to grow and mature these markets further. In addition, Tembo Group is actively exploring new market opportunities to complement its existing portfolio.” 

Entrepreneurial Mindset Fuels the Company's Direction 

The entrepreneurial mindset of the Management Team, a mentality that Richard van der Linde shares, plays an essential role in shaping the overall direction of Tembo Group. Continuously seeking opportunities, evaluating risks, and fostering flexibility and creativity in a dynamic business environment are all key elements of this mindset. Each decision made within the company is undertaken from the viewpoint that the company's resources should be regarded as if they were one’s own personal investments. 

Driving Innovation and Growth: Key Initiatives and Projects 

Under the guidance of this new Management Team, Tembo Group has launched several key projects aimed at driving innovation and growth. Richard: “Our focus is on creating a cohesive framework, establishing product and technology roadmaps, shifting the emphasis towards future-oriented solutions, and excel in the speed to assist our customers in bringing new innovative products to the market. For example, we’re currently working on the development of a high-accuracy precision dosing (HAPD) technology, which is designed from a more modular point of view for high flexibility and still has high accuracy and low TCO. Also in the pipeline are an advanced gel/liquid dosing technology, as well as new digital tools which will further enhance serviceability and process observability. The latter is being developed in collaboration with strategic customers.” 

Talented Leaders and their Expertise 

The Management Team at Tembo Group brings a diverse set of core strengths and expertise to the table. Building on the company's unique DNA, each of these leaders possesses valuable experience in managing mid-size companies and embodies an entrepreneurial spirit. Their collective knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to the strategic decision-making and operational excellence of Tembo Group. 

Technology Director's Role in Shaping Technological Strategies 

As Technology Director, Richard van der Linde plays a crucial role in shaping and implementing Tembo Group's technological strategies and digital transformation efforts. He emphasizes the significance of talented and motivated teams, promoting an agile and focused approach to problem-solving. In addition, the Technology Director is leading the formulation of a technology agenda that includes two-year targets in key strategic areas such as liquid and gel dosing, powder dosing, forming and shaping, and process digitization. Furthermore, Tembo needs to ensure the development of the necessary competencies for future markets, which will be handled through the Tembo Next initiative.

Fostering Collaboration and Inclusivity for Success 

The Management Team is aware of the importance of fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity within Tembo Group. “To enhance collaboration,” Richard explains, “our goal is to synchronize our efforts, involve key stakeholders at early stages, and prioritize user perspectives in product development. By improving planning, handovers, and risk analysis, we will foster an environment that encourages teamwork and ultimately contributes to the overall success of Tembo Group.” 

Together, Creating the Next

The new Management Team's commitment to innovation, growth, collaboration, and adaptability not only sets the stage for a promising future but also reflects the core values and culture at Tembo Group. Richard emphasizes the company's unique ability to embrace new tools and technology, a freedom rarely seen in other companies. This inherent culture of adaptability is highly valued by customers and is crucial to nurturing an environment where no challenge is deemed too big to overcome.

Furthermore, the revitalized Tembo NEXT initiative and the collective executive power within the team showcase their determination to explore and enter markets that align with their strategic technological expertise. By expanding their presence in these sectors, Tembo Group aims to solidify its position as a technological leader, driving innovation and making a positive impact across various industries.

The combination of a dynamic culture, the pursuit of new opportunities, and the steadfast dedication of the Management Team enables Tembo Group to confidently navigate the future, overcome challenges, and continually provide innovative solutions to their customers.

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