How to identify the safest high-quality paper straw?

June 28, 2022
How to identify the safest high-quality paper straw?

How to recognize if a product meets safety and quality standards? This is a common question that more and more consumers around the world ask themselves in this new era of sustainability. As part of Tembo’s Sustainable Development Goals, we joined the 360 Food Service Charter of Trust to inform and help educate the marketplace about quality and safety. This initiative helps users, distributors and potential customers to identify compliant products and straws that they can trust.

Sustainability is no longer an option

In 2019, 170 nations guaranteed to reduce the use of plastic by 2030, and many countries have already started by imposing rules and regulations to single-use plastics. Companies need to take an action soon and become more sustainable.

The European Union banned products such as plastic straws, forks, knives and cotton buds in 2021. New York, California, Oregon, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware and Hawaii have also banned single-used plastic bags in the United States. And India will ban the use of single-use plastic, including polystyrene and expanded polystyrene commodities since July 1st, 2022. 

360° Foodservice Charter of Trust unites companies that provide reuse and/or single use solutions for safely serving food and beveragesregardless of the materials that are used. Together, companies recognize that today’s changing lifestyles are significantly influencing the way we eat and drink. A new balance is emerging between consumption in and out-of-home, where convenience, health, safety and respect for the environment are the top priorities. 

By joining the Charter of Trust, companies demonstrate that their products are fully compliant with all relevant legal requirements, from paper to adhesive and inks. And with this, we hope to create an identifiable segment of the paper straw market where all companies in the supply chain make sure their products comply with the regulations.

The choice is easy

The Charter of Trust provides a Trustmark for paper drinking straws. This internationally-registered trademark can be used on product packaging, on printed and online marketing and sales materials, as well as on administrative documents like order forms or invoices.

The Trustmark is accessible only to members of the 360° Foodservice Charter of Trust who have entered in a licensing agreement with the Association. By scanning the QR code on the label, users will be redirected to a website, where they will soon be able to verify that the individual registration number on the label, indeed, corresponds to a signatory of the Charter of Trust.

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