Inspiring visit to 247 Tailor Steel

June 10, 2022
Inspiring visit to 247 Tailor Steel

Tembo Global Technology team and PMP company were recently invited to visit 247 Tailor Steel, one of the most digitally mature organisations in the Dutch sheet metal industry. Biba Visnjicki, Global Head of Digitalisation at Tembo, and Andrzej Strzelczyk, Managing director of PMP Poland, share their experiences and thoughts regarding the visit in this blog.

Biba Visnjicki describes one of the highlights of their visit: “One of the things I was most impressed with is the Sophia® (SOPHisticated Intelligent Analyzer) own-developed software platform uses artificial intelligence to manage the company’s ordering, production, and logistics processes. The online tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to business customers, who can use the AI system’s many applications to quickly request a quote, place an order and calculate or arrange delivery times. Since its earliest development in 2007, the Sophia® has gradually evolved into what is now a full-scale digitally controlled, adaptive platform for production and operations.”

Tembo visit 247 Tailor Steel

She also refers to the visit as an opportunity to learn more about the impressive expansion that 247 Tailor Steel has achieved over the past years. “The visit offered valuable insights to our team members. We also learned about this company’s strong culture, their ability to establish long-term goals and strategies, and to develop unconventional, effective business ideas.”  

“Another worthwhile aspect of our visit was seeing the extent to which these advancements in automation and digitalisation have helped to reshape the company’s conventional business, leading to huge opportunities for the growth and upscaling of their organisation.”

Digitalization and automation

Managing director of PMP Poland, Andrzej Strzelczyk, added:  “Having the opportunity to visit an active company and seeing the full array of integrated and digitized processes, was quite impressive. From customer inquiries and estimates to technological procedures, production processes and logistics, all the way up to the final delivery stage, we got to see how each link in the chain of operations combines together, resulting in a high diversity and volume of products. All of this means that 247 Tailor Steel can offer optimal pricing, as well as short and very competitive lead times (from 24 hours up to 7 days).”

“One of the biggest eye-openers to our team”, he continued, “was that more than 50% of the total number of supporting staff at 247 Tailor Steel are employed in their IT Department. All in all, it was an inspiring visit which provided us with lots of great ideas for PMP.”