Looking back on a fantastic Family Day at Tembo!

November 1, 2022
Looking back on a fantastic Family Day at Tembo!

Looking back on a fantastic Family Day at Tembo!


Tembo colleagues got the chance to show off their workplace to family and friends during a fun-filled, inspiring afternoon and evening last month. With an amazing 910 registered visitors, we can proudly say that this event was a huge success! Of course, none of this would have been possible without the enthusiastic efforts and dedication of everyone who worked tirelessly to organize and take part in this event. We want to offer our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this day such a great success!

A chance to meet and connect

The Tembo Family Day was all about meeting and connecting with family, friends, and colleagues. The event also provided the perfect chance to show what our work here at Tembo is all about, and to see and share all the great results that Tembo has achieved in recent years, as a forerunner in high-speed, precision technology. Combining our knowledge, experience, and innovative spirit in the paper, tobacco, and detergent industries has led to so many exciting, sustainable solutions, services and technologies for a growing number of markets around the world.

A behind-the-scenes look at the world of technology

Throughout the event, visitors of all ages had a wide range of educational activities and informative demonstrations to choose from, as well as loads of fun attractions. From mini-workshops and guided tours through Tembo's factory halls, to an entertaining meet & greet with SPOT the robot dog, visitors received a practical impression of what it’s like to work in a world of technology. Practical demonstrations showcased how Tembo processes various metals and other materials, and how the machines that produce products such as paper straws, dishwasher tablets, and laundry pods are built. Other highlights included a look at a 3D printer which produces three-dimensional objects used to build machine parts, as well as an extremely precise laser cutter. And to cap it all off, guests got to relax and chat at the mini Food-truck Festival while enjoying tasty snacks, delicious drinks, and live music!

The fact that this day was such a success is of course thanks to the amazing efforts of dozens of our colleagues here at Tembo. Their months of brainstorming, organizing and preparation definitely paid off, and once again we want to thank everyone who played a part in making this event such a wonderful experience!