Perron 038 starts in September 2019

July 31, 2019
Perron 038 starts in September 2019

Perron038: an industrial hall in Zwolle is transforming into an inspiring open innovation place for entrepreneurs, education and government. City Developer-S bought the former factory hall and under the guidance of entrepreneur Marius Woldberg they succeeded in bringing four companies together with a comment interest: making their machines smarter.

Innovation hub

After more than a year of preparation, the huge project has almost finished.  The money for Perron038 comes from the four companies in the region: The paper straw manufacturer and machine builder Tembo Group from Kampen, welding machine manufacturer AWL Techniek (Harderwijk), Tolsma Grisnich (Emmeloord) that makes machines for the agri-food sector and the regional participation company Wadinko are investing in Perron038 and have united in a foundation. Woldberg: “Although the companies work in different sectors, the development of technology for their machines is a common interest. Our goal is to innovate faster and to inspire young and old talent.”

Promoting high-tech careers

With support from the educational institutes, including Windesheim, Deltion and University of Twente) and local government, Perron038 will also invest in training employees and future employees for the high-tech manufacturing industry.

September '19

On the ground floor, technology for machines will be developed and tested in several rooms separated by glass walls. The upper floor is for designing and training. From September 2019 onwards, around thirty people will be working at this location, and in the future this number will increase.