RNT organizes party at home for disabled children

March 20, 2019
RNT organizes party at home for disabled children

The employees of RNT Machinery in Dominican Republic organized a party at Ángeles de Conani,  a home for disabled children. The company and each employee contributed money for the party, held on March 14th. 

The party was a great success. The RNT staff brought sweets, cake, pizzas and sodas for the children. They played a lot of games with them and danced with the children who are able to walk. RNT and its employees think it is very important to do this kind of social work so they can help improve the quality of life of these children.

Commitment from RNT towards Ángeles de Conani

RNT supports the home for disabled children since 2017. The children are abandoned children with for instance mental problems, HIV and physical disabilities. In 2018 the employees at RNT helped them with the arrangement of electrical installations in and around the home. They also provided Christmas decorations in December last year.

Voluntary donations

The employees at RNT agreed to voluntarily donate money so that this project can continue. There is a special piggy bank available where the employees can donate their money.

About RNT Machinery

RNT Machinery is established in Santiago, Dominican Republic and dedicated to the design, optimization and manufacturing of half-automated packaging machinery.