Tembo and SPI Developments join forces

July 30, 2018
Tembo and SPI Developments join forces

Kampen – As of July 11, SPI Developments Ltd (SPI) has joined forces with Tembo. Together, the Dutch headquartered machine developer and the British adhesives and flavoring application systems specialist have expert knowledge in developing machines for producing special filters, base rods and next generation products.

Tembo has acquired 100 percent of the shares of SPI, from the current management, who will stay and continue to manage the business in the same location. SPI will operate as an independent company within Tembo; continuing to serve its traditional customers as before, but benefiting from Tembo's worldwide sales and support network.

With the continual increase in product complexity, Tembo realized it needed unlimited access to experts in adhesive application systems. SPI is one of the most skilled players in this field and the company has worked closely with Tembo companies in developing new equipment for several years now.

SPI’s flavor mixing and application technologies will help Tembo in developing flavored products.

Henry Tuck of SPI commented: “Becoming part of Tembo gives SPI direct access to more next generation product markets and improves our ability to serve and support existing customers and the tobacco industry globally. We will also have more resources to support customer product developments and projects, ensuring more rapid response to market requirements. Most importantly, it also gives the industry and our employees confidence that SPI will be part of the long-term future of the tobacco world.”

"By incorporating the expert knowledge of SPI in our group, we can respond even faster and better to the expectations of our customers", says board member Michiel van der Sluis. Tembo sees a growing need for different and improved glue and flavor application systems. “These areas of expertise are getting more and more complex. Knowing all aspects of adhesive and flavor application systems is essential for developing the best machines in this area. Employees of SPI possess this knowledge.”

Tembo comprises fourteen different companies, with 22 sites and service centres worldwide. The companies each have their own expertise and strengthen each other by combining these capabilities. In total, more than 1200 employees work for the group, of which the head office is located in Kampen. At SPI Developments, 25 people are employed.