Tembo nominated for MS@Work Award

September 14, 2021
Tembo nominated for MS@Work Award

Tembo has been nominated for the MS@Work Award, an initiative of the Dutch National MS Fund, created to put the spotlight on employers who are extra committed to their employees with MS. These employers are nominated by their employee, who shows gratitude for the support that is so important to him or her. A small or large adjustment to the workplace or the nature of the work can ensure that this employee can stay at work for as long as possible.

Tembo is such a company and has therefore been nominated by Ania Timmer. Ania is a former Tembo employee, MS patient, author of her book about living with MS and blogger at platform 'MSWeb'. 

About MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system. Because something is wrong in the immune system, the layer around the nerves (myelin) is attacked and damaged. This exposes nerves and transmits signals to and from the brain less well. Sometimes this doesn't even happen at all. This can cause sudden paralysis and failure symptoms.

Working with MS

Unfortunately, it is difficult for 70-80% of people with MS to keep their jobs after diagnosis. Losing their job means major problems for them, such as a worsening of the course of the disease, a feeling of no longer being useful, social isolation and consequences for income.

The Dutch National MS Fund wants to coach people with MS to stay in the work process for as long as possible. With the MS@Work Award, the MS Fund puts the spotlight on those employers who are willing to commit themselves. The positive stories emerging from this election are an inspiration to other employers and employees with MS.

Until September 20th 2021, everybody can vote for Tembo and 30 other companies via www.msworkawards.nl. The ten nominations with the most votes are subsequently assessed by an expert jury. An impactful video is made of the top three companies in the workplace to inspire other employers. The winner will finally be announced during the Dutch National MS Day on November 7th.